Admission Requirements

Application Procedure

Applications can be considered only after the completion of the proper application form and the presentation of requisite supporting documents. These are listed as follows:-

  • copies of educational certificate(s) or official transcript or grade slip
  • birth certificate
  • 1 passport size picture
  • personal statement not exceeding 250 words stating your interest for the course applied for and why you have chosen to apply to the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute
  • Early Registration fee (Jan 1 to March 31 2016) EC$100.00 – non-refundable
  • Late Registration fee (April A�1 to August 30 2016) EC$125.00 – non-refundable
Degree Programmes Requirements
5 CXC passes including Maths and English
Diploma Programmes
5 GCE/CXC or equivalent (Mathematics is not compulsory)
4 GCE/CXC or equivalent (including English Language)
At least 1 year experience in the Hospitality Industry
3 At least 5 years Hospitality Industry experience
Successful completion of proficiency test (Math and English)
All Certificate Programmes (1 year)
3 CXC/GCE or equivalent (Mathematics is not compulsory)
2 CXC/GCE or equivalent
At least 1 year experience in the Hospitality Industry
Secondary school leaving certificate
Successful completion of proficiency test (Math and English)

All prospective students will be interviewed. The minimum age of entry is 16 years.

Admission with Advanced Standing

Applicants presenting additional qualifications may be considered for admission to a diploma programme with advanced standing. Advanced standing is awarded for work which is accepted as the equivalent of courses offered by the Institute. An applicant with advanced standing will be considered for admittance in the courses at the next higher level after being interviewed.

Mature Student

Applicants who have reached the age of 25 may be admitted as a mature student notwithstanding those qualification requirement stipulated for the diploma and certificate programmes. Such a student may be required to:

  • write an aptitude test
  • take appropriate pre-programme course or courses
  • attend an interview to determine admission eligibility

Note: When there are more applicants for a programme than can be accommodated, the Board reserves the right (is empowered) to make its selection for those who possess the highest qualifications and aptitude..